imageI’m staying with some friends after being unexpectedly displaced from a housing situation. All will be well, and in the meantime I am finding some delightful reasons to enjoy my temporary neighborhood. Architectural treasures abound, a new coffee shop is a block away (and latkes are on the menu!), and this sweet lending library is literally just around the corner. imageAs much as I am eager to get into my own digs in another week, I admit that I will miss being in an area where my soul is awash in a certain kind of joy.

For today’s Friday Five, share with us five things that bring you joy in your neighborhood (past and/or present).

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Anne Fraley is an Episcopal priest serving Grace Church, Broad Brook, CT. A dog-lover from prepubescent days, she also dabbles in canine massage. Newly transitioned back to her home state, she is reveling in rediscovering old haunts and exploring new ones. Occasionally she succeeds at reviving her blog at reverent irreverence.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Five: local treasures

  1. Friday Play Devotions: Current Local Joys
    1. a local thrift store which is a God-send and is organized very well and a joy to browse. (It benefits the humane society)
    2. The Germantown Indoor pool which looks like a play jungle and has a toddler slide and mushroom shower and a jacuzzi next to kiddie pool and flumes. It costs $8 to get in, but well worth the money…and it has lifeguards and is clean and well-managed.
    3. Wonder Book and Video (used book store nearby)
    4. Two local playgrounds nearby.
    5. Our local Safeway which is a short drive away


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