The list is long and the motivation is short. Beginning, they say, is the hardest part.

Or maybe the harder part is restarting? I don’t know. It’s all hard.

Where should I begin? What do I want my end result to be? Too many questions, put up or shut up.

OR… I could have another cup of coffee, maybe sneak back to bed…

Sweet baby Jesus, why do you temp me with Saturday?

The cat’s going crazy and the dog’s sleeping in. I was awake by six, is it backwards day?

Yes, it is. Saturday. The day that pretends to be restful and fun, but my brain tells me there is much to be done.

Help me, O Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer, I want to walk in your ways. But I don’t want to be the first in the neighborhood to mow the lawn so early, what to do?!?!?!

I mean, what would Jesus do?!?!? Yeah, I know… #excuses

So I’ll take this quiet moment as you would before the people who need me find my quiet spot. Here we will caffeinate and chat just a little longer.

Thank you Jesus for quiet morning, and for being my excuse to be lazy. Amen.


Shannon CoffeeA rock star from the start, the Reverend Shannon Meacham belted out a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a minor in institutional spiritual matters that most people don’t believe in anyway, from the University of Louisville. Because she couldn’t get enough of the annoying ways people say “Loueyville” she moved across town to Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary for a Master of Divinity, a degree for young idealists and middle age crazies. Before the institution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) self-imploded they were kind enough to hand out a piece of paper saying “Go forth and be an underpaid secretary in the name of God.” Shannon is the mother of two exhausting children Maggie and Gus. She currently serves Ashland Presbyterian Church in the safest part of Baltimore, the suburbs. You can find her musings about any and all subjects on her personal blog

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