The Times They Are a Changing

This is the season of change; our Facebook feeds are full of pictures from first days at school; and news of exam success and college places for our teens. In our churches the summer season is ending and minds turn to autumn and all the things that will start up again in the next few weeks. In families there is news of new starts, new relationships all sorts of newy newness… so what’s yours? What new things are you anticipating in this Time of Change? Below is my five…

  • New term begins – school, college, student or teacher – for my nephew a new start at the University of his choice.
  • New season looms as summer wanes into autumn – preparing the autumn schedule for worship this week made it all too clear – only 12 weeks to Advent!!
  • New things in our house as the dust settles after the wedding and we get used to the new life ahead as husband and wife.
  • New status updates as my youngest son becomes engaged to his sweetheart
  • New life as my oldest son announces he is to be a father – and therefore me a granny!
My son & his Fiancee

Over to you – tell us what new things are ahead for you? What are you anticipating; or waiting for; or dreading? Play in the comments or on your blog and remember to post a link so we can read about your new things


Julie Rennick is a Church of Scotland minister, serving a rural community in the village of Earlston in the Scottish Borders. She recently married and is getting used to a new name. She blogs at A Country Girl, writes for Spill the Beans and contributed to the RevGals book, There’s a Woman in the Pulpit

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