We’ve been enjoying some fairly dramatic sunsets recently. The right amount of cloud and the right amount of light have conspired to produce stunning effects. I’ve enjoyed taking time out at the beach to simply enjoy these nightly shows. The only draw back is that sunset is getting earlier and earlier here in Scotland -a reminder that summer in this part of the world is slipping away. That means, too, that our church programmes will soon be getting into full throttle.

Are you back in gear yet? Ready to tackle the Lectionary again? Or are you off on some other track?

Whether you’re ready for the season to change or not, Sunday’s coming and there is a word to be preached. Lets help each other get there. Just like the banquet prepared in the RCL Gospel reading, there is room for allsorts here. We can help each other from the table and together find and preach the good news that abounds in our text today.

Check out the blog post from earlier in the week for more inspiration.

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25 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher’s Party:Make Room edition

  1. tomorrow there is a baptism of twins 🙂 grandma and great grandma are part of the congregation. as well as the Luke reading, there will be the storybook, Guess how much I love you. i am thinking about how we try and measure what is not measurable.
    in the gospel reading, there is the sense of working out who to invite and where to sit to work out your place in the pecking order, and try and improve that place. with a baptism tomorrow i was thinking what is the cost/benefit analysis of having children?
    the bible reading for the baptism is from Matthew, go and make disciples, baptising them, teaching….
    not: go and make disciples so you can judge your worth, or so you can belittle others or hoard.
    almost lunchtime Saturday and there is a church function this afternoon. i had hoped to go to a far trade market this morning, but too many last minute things to do, and then my printer has decided it doesn’t print in colour any more. good thing we have more than one printer in the house.
    i will be back in a few hours


  2. Naaman (or rather the servants in the Naaman story) here – its relatively clear in my mind but has not yet made it to paper… Our town has been hosting a youth camp where the participants (mostly from evangelical churches) are encouraged to participate in socially useful projects. (an idea whose time is slowly slowly coming in French evangelicalism) Our church hosted a team that helped us do an outdoor children’s programme 2 afternoons (plus we worked with them for 2 days in advance). Some of the campers will be joining us for worship so the theme of service feels appropriate.

    Have decided to be brave and include the slightly odd postscript to the story (the one about Elisha’s servant sneaking off and asking for money and they being struck with leprosy). The part of the story that gets cut out when we’re teaching Sunday School.

    Anyway – enough procrastinating ! Its extremely hot here (mid 30s C, which is high 90s F) but I have a seat in the shade on my terrace and hot tea to share.

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  3. Ok, mine is revised. I have not been pleased with these last two sermons, and this one — asking my congregation in their stunning sanctuary to ask questions about their own breadth of hospitality — is not so easy.


  4. Afternoon concert at church went well, lots of afternoon tea food leftover for morning tea tomorrow, and we raised over $800 for a local charity working with people who are need of crisis accommodation. Fish and chips for tea tonight, as i couldn’t be bothered cooking.
    it looked like a short sermon tomorrow, but it turned out as long or slightly longer than usual. i am only leading worship at the early service tomorrow, so no problem, but the organist is doubling up this week, so hopefully i don’t go too long.

    Some things can’t be measured

    the kettle has just boiled so i am happy to take tea and coffee orders.


  5. Hi…here everyone – have some chocolate cake to have with your coffee etc…

    I am preaching on Luke and we’re having the Isaiah reading too [finest bread etc]. Not quite sure where it is going but I think it is hinting at folks that the ‘spare place’ at the table isn’t meant for someone like us or someone we might admire or hope to invite but rather for those we wouldn’t think to invite. With perhaps just a small suggestion that it is nice to be an hospitable and welcoming church but wouldn’t it be more Christ like to go out into the streets and invite in those who can’t repay – that won’t fill spaces in rotas, gaps in pews and missing kids in Sunday School.

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  6. It is mid-afternoon here and I am printing the service. That is practically unheard of for me, but I had a sermon written on Thursday morning. It was one of those ones that just poured out of me (and it is a long time since that last happened). The children are presenting what they have been doing in Sunday Club over the summer (the story of David in 8 parts) so I don’t have a children’s talk to prepare. After a difficult few weeks I am pleased that this has all come together today so easily.
    I have plenty of fresh fruit to share and am going to take advantage of the rare Scottish sunshine to go for a walk this afternoon.
    I hope that words are coming easily to the rest of you today too.


  7. Hi Everyone! I am an 11th hour and 45 minutes preacher, so I always write on Saturday night/Sunday morning, but today we are having a big birthday party for our kids (3 and 5) at our house and I have a newborn… so I’m trying to at least get my ducks in a row before people show up for the party at 2:00 so I don’t have a heart attack when I’m exhausted at 8:00 and haven’t written yet. It sucks being a procrastinator.

    However, the Luke passage is a beautiful one to preach on! Looking forward to the conversation with you all today.


  8. It is 11 a.m. here and I am still in my pajamas working on a sermon. Last night I hosted a parsonage lawn picnic. It was a success – even a very inactive family showed up. I have leftover iced tea and lemonade, and some brats if anyone is hungry.
    This morning I watched a video on Fb that a friend had posted about a Memphis church that ended up with an Islamic Center building a center in the neighborhood. They ended up in a friendship, working together on various things. If I had the equipment I would share it tomorrow but I will just be able to tell the story. The Christian pastor told his parishioner, who was ready to leave the church over it, to read the gospels. And that changed him.
    Still not sure where I’m going but I know this is an important issue for our congregation. I guess I’ll get dressed and make another cup of coffee and dig in some more. Peace to all of you who are still writing as well.


  9. Ive spent the afternoon at the beach. Now sitting in the back garden listening to a cricket match over the wall. It’s time for dinner – pizza and trifle and then I suppose I should put together the thoughts that have been rumbling around in my head all week. I’m a fan of Jeremiah, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to preach tomorrow. Can I get you anything?


  10. I have honey, lemon and ginger tea, tissues and chicken soup. You’d be invited over, but I am down with a summer cold since Thursday morning so given it’s Saturday afternoon, I may be renewing a sermon from three years ago focused on the Pharisees watching Jesus closely and in turn, Jesus watching us.


  11. Preaching on Ecclesiastes 3 to a congregation I am leaving soon. Feeling good about walking them through the text and leaving time for considering what seasons we find ourselves in, what seasons the congregation is in and what seasons we’d like to moving toward.
    And since the sanctuary has no a/c, I’m praying for the Holy Spirit to move among us as cool, inspiring breath of fresh air! -Susannah


  12. trying to get my act together here…tomorrow we have a “Feasting on the Word” brunch-church. We have finished the Bible in 90 Days and tomorrow we celebrate. The text for the day is Revelation 22 and the theme is Overflowing Grace. There’ll be a chocolate fountain afterward to celebrate!

    We plan to have everyone gather in the foyer where the brunch buffet will be set up. We’ll do a Psalm 136-style call to worship (where people respond with the same line each time), then get food and make our way to tables…
    At each spot there will be a notecard with a few verses of scripture written on it–one from each book of the Bible, and they are all about grace somehow (some obvious, others less so, because…Obadiah? Jude? really?). There’ll also be copies of whatever hymns I decide on.
    At some point we’ll have communion around the tables…I got a cinnamon swirl bread for the celebratory feast!

    This is all I know right now. i can’t decide the best way to actually do this. The team wanted to have some way for people to talk at their tables about the experience of reading the Bible in 90 Days…but while we had 25 people that we know were reading, that’s still only about 40% of the people we expect to be at worship, so I don’t quite know how to put down discussion questions that won’t exclude half the people.
    So I’m in serious need of inspiration. I got only a few hours sleep and can barely keep my eyes open, but I’m forcing myself to try since now it’s nearly 5pm and if I nap anymore then I won’t sleep tonight either…

    I was thinking of doing a sort of “tour of scripture” and having each person read their notecard (in order–they are numbered as well), then ending with the Rev 22 text for the day, maybe saying a few things, and calling it good. I think it would take quite a long time though, so I’m second-guessing that idea.



    1. Hm. So there are 66 books in the Bible. If it took 15 seconds to read each verse, that would be over 15 minutes. That doesn’t sound too long, given the rest of your plan. Unless “few verses” throws off my calculations 🙂


      1. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. I just tested it out–I paused between each one, assuming people will not go straight through. I read the reference and the verses on the cards…it took 32 minutes.

        That’s actually not as bad as I thought it might be.


  13. I think I have a plan. It’s quite simple (maybe too simple…) but hopefully will be meaningful. Assuming I don’t change it between now and the morning, all I need to do is write an interactive communion liturgy. So….I should probably have some dinner and then do that.

    I have corn on the cob, picked this morning by my favorite farmer’s market farmer. It’s best the day it’s picked…there’s nothing like midwest corn! Stop by and enjoy.

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  14. Only one service this morning, so home earlier than usual. Baptism of twins went well, they are beautiful and their cousin [I guess about 3 years old] wanted to help, so she turned the pages of the story book for me, and helped pour the water into the font for the baptism.
    a wonderful morning, and the weather turned out well, which is nice for the family as they are having people back for a BBQ lunch.

    blessings for those still preparing.

    now to think about where to lunch with friends.


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