We seem to be living in a time, Holy One,

where instead of offering mutual concern or care,

we wander through days filled with expressions of self-righteous anger,

smug polarities, staking claims of correctness and accusing wrongness,

a warring mood, heavy and surrounding.

The banquet of life is set before us,

and rather than sharing in the beautiful bounty,

we clamber for the best seats, knocking others out of the way simply with our silence,

choosing not to help others, including one another, to the table.

You have placed within us

a deep capacity for love,

and a wide ability to welcome.

Loosen us from what holds us back from being that grace and mercy upon the world.

May we faithfully risk all of who we are

to be unfettered love

to the lost, the lonely, the suffering, the stranger…

may we dare to be your people of courageous compassion and peace.

With all of who we are and are not, we pray,


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