13f6d-analog-clock-scoreboardStill Friday for some of us, already Saturday for others. Around the world, RevGalBlogPals write and read and blog and work at all hours — within our own timezones and ’round the clock collectively. Today’s Friday Festival is a collection of the sorts of thoughts that keep us up at night, distract us at dawn’s first light, or grip our hearts throughout the day:

  • “In the wake of yet more shootings of unarmed Black men by police officers, this time in Tulsa and Charlotte, I am begging you to open your eyes to what is happening all around us. The Body of Christ is bleeding and dying and we are carrying on as if we don’t need serious medical attention.” Keep reading Rachael Keefe’s A Letter from a Tired Pastor.
  • “We never really get over loss. It doesn’t matter what it is. We always remember what it was like when we had something that we no longer have. Yet the loss of one thing is opportunity for something else to enter in.” Read Deirdre Whitfield’s short reflection, Broken Open.
  • “How often in our churches do we use outdated technology and communication methods that only reach certain people? Maybe we are using the best technology but forgetting that not everyone has access to it or uses it in the same way.” Read Shannon Karafanda’s post, How are we communicating?
  • “The question which has been tugging at me – What if the idea of the autonomous individual is a myth? The ideal of the ‘self-made man’ pulling himself up by his bootstraps is at best joke and at worst a cruel impossibility held up to the poor as a shaming spectre.” Read Mags Blackie’s reflection, All of us or none of us.
  • “Sometimes feelings change and our own reactions to things we have done with joy in the past may change…and when that happens, it’s okay to think about it, pray about it and talk with friends about it as you figure out what happens next.” Read the full story in Pastor Jen’s post, A trip, a fall and a break.

What deep thoughts are you thinking? What wondrous words and curious questions are simmering within your spirit? Join these RevGalBlogPals bloggers in conversation by commenting on their posts. Add your own reflections and/or blogpost links here in the comments to share with others!

Rachel G. Hackenberg is a United Church of Christ (US) minister, soccer mom, blogger, and author. Her book Sacred Pause plays with words to refresh our relationship with The Word.
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