I lost my way again.
It was only 10 minutes ago.
I woke up to a simple, routine morning, but somehow, before my feet hit the floor, things were off. The rush, the noise, the mess, the wind, the doubt, the anger, the stress, the rage, the missing this, the never-coming that, the marker cap on the floor I just stepped on, the pain, the worry, the rejection, the rage, the violence, the misunderstanding, the hopelessness, the fear….. it was all just there and in me and around me and buzzing forth from my phone and down the hall and everywhere and suddenly, before I was even dressed to go out into your world proclaiming love and justice and hope and peace, I’d lost my way. Already. At 7am. Lost. In my own home. In my own room. Standing there. Lost.

O Lord, find me.
Here in this room, here in the depths of the hurts in my heart.
Here in my wandering, fleeing, bumbling most lost.
Here in my moments in my own mind.
O Lord, find me.
And show me your way.




The Rev. Erin Counihan serves as Pastor of Oak Hill Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in St. Louis, MO. She’s a contributor to the RevGal’s book and blogs (sometimes) at http://www.somewhatreverend.wordpress.com.

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