canstockphoto0617616Life can get crazy. But I’ll bet you knew that already. Sometimes the crazy comes from outside us, from places like the US political scene or the family calendar that has so much written on it that you can’t read anything. Sometimes the crazy seems to come from within, from stressing over sermons or worrying about money. When the crazy seems ready to take over my life, I am drawn to lovely things, things that slow my breathing down and give me space to put crazy in perspective. I found some lovely treasures in blog posts this week.

Whenever I fly over the mountains of the western US, I imagine God, like a child in a sandbox, having all kinds of fun at creation, piling up rocks in one place, digging trenches in another. It always makes me smile. So I was drawn to the images of the Grand Canyon shared by Kristin in Liberation Theology Lutheran this week.

Sometimes it’s the little things that are keepers of memories. Alicia at astrawberrypointe describes the items on a bookshelf that reflect the contents of her heart. It’s a lovely reflection that makes space to slow down and appreciate.

Becky at Becky Ramsey has a perfect description of the crazy in a post this week: “Step Away from the Wackadoodle.” Her post shares a process of reflection that helps her to find calm in the middle of crazy.

I’ve recently volunteered to be on the planning committee for my next high school reunion. So I could relate to both the anxiety and the joy to be found in reconnecting with friends, as Michelle Torigian describes in God Goes Pop Culture.

Music and the cycle of the day are both soothing in times of crazy.  Kathy Manis Findley’s reflection on “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” is a lovely way to center your heart in each new day. You can find it at Inspiration

What things create space for you when life gets crazy? What lets you breathe, reminds you of your connection to God and neighbor?


Barbara Bruneau is a Lutheran pastor serving in Blair, Wisconsin. She is a knitter, a weaver, and a very occasional blogger


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