Wendy's bullet journal
Wendy’s bullet journal – how do you organize yourself?

Our Festival topics this week range from the practical to the deeply spiritual, from bodily health to mental health, and from marriage to single life. If you click through to read, be sure to leave a comment.

Someone in our Facebook group mentioned bullet journals, so I was glad to see Wendy Lamb’s post showing us her Bullet Journal.

Rosalind Hughes returns to the Holy Land after 29 years, to renew her baptism and remember the women priests who came before her: Crossing the Jordan.

Joy Freeman describes the importance of ritual in healing from grief and reminds us this is National Perinatal Loss and Infant Death Awareness Month: Benches, Gardens, and a Ritual of Healing.

Amanda Gayle Reed shares her struggles with depression and anxiety to mark Mental Health Awareness Week (trigger warning: suicidal thoughts): The Night She Saved Me.

Becky Ramsey considers her shaking hands: To Hide It or Not to Hide It?

Rachael Keefe writes of correcting our vision, both physical and spiritual: The Power of Gratitude.

Dorcas George moved from pastoral ministry into the insurance business, and she writes about the client who wanted to be spared That “Damn Obamacare.”

Michelle Torigian expands the conversation about marriage and sex begun by RevGals Katherine Willis Pershey and Bromleigh McCleneghan, asking the married among us to acknowledge our unearned advantages and make things more equitable for single people: Single in the Sanctuary – the Privilege of Marriage.

What are you reading and/or writing this week? Leave a link in the comments and let us know.

Martha Spong is the Executive Director of RevGalBlogPals and a clergy coach; she lives in South Central Pennsylvania (US) and blogs at marthaspong.com. She is the editor of There’s a Woman in the Pulpit (SkyLight Paths, 2015).

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