This weekend in New Zealand is Labour Weekend, a holiday to mark the fruits of the labour movement and the establishment of the eight-hour working day.  It is also the traditional weekend for planting tomatoes and in the many uniform-wearing public (and private) high schools it is the weekend when the school uniform changes from winter uniform to summer.  It is a marker of some kind, a line between the contrasts of winter and summer, a transition, and this week’s Festival highlights some writing that also look at contrasts, transitions, antidotes and spaces between.

Revd Beth writes about how a difficult year and unkind words can be antidoted by celebrating Eucharist with a liturgically-correct Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle band-aid/sticking plaster on her hand!

Rosalind is just back from a pilgrimage to Jordan: she writes that ‘between fragments, for a moment’ she glimpses God.  Check out the posts before and after that one for more information about her experience in Jordan.

Contrasting a recent survey that found always saying please and thank you, respecting elders and good table manners were the three most important things parents could teach their children, Thalia says instead that she most wants to teach her children to be kind, wise, brave and joyful.  She provides some practical steps for families wanting to establish their own core values and practices to develop them.

Theresa writes about prayers that are sometimes leaden ice cubes, sometimes butterflies.

Kathy suggests that hope is not always big and powerful, but sometimes whispered.

Two other lovely posts to highlight this week:

Julia is the President of the Board of Trustees of RevGalBlogPals, and was recently honoured by the YWCA as a Woman of Achievement in Alaska.  She writes about that experience and about not knowing what to feel about it.  You can be sure that two of the feelings that the RevGals community is having about Julia’s award are pride and delight!

Arianne is praying for her daughter, turning 2, and for each of us.   Stop by the blog if you need to be prayed over today, or want to pray a loving blessing over someone in your own life.

The Reverend Jemma Allen is Priest Associate at All Saints Anglican Church in Howick, Auckland (New Zealand). She also has a small private practice where she offers counselling, spiritual direction and supervision. She contributed to There’s A Woman in the Pulpit. 

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