There are a lot of moving parts in the lives of RevGals this week. All Saints Day was officially earlier this week, but for most will be celebrated in worship this coming Sunday. Those in the United States have a polarized and polarizing election campaign, with all its negativity swirling in the air. For many, the events at Standing Rock raise essential questions about integrity and our stewardship of creation. Add to that the usual assortment of things on our calendars, and it’s an intense week indeed.ml1duuu

Liz has such a gentle way with words at Vicar of Dibley. Her reflection “For all the saints” is so light and lovely that it almost seems like it could just float off the screen.

Having had my fill of election politics, I welcomed A Prayer in the Shadow of the Presidential Election by Kathy Manis Findley at God of the Sparrow.

Tara Ulrich is thinking about the Dakota Access Pipeline and those gathered at Standing Rock in her post “Standing With and Not Against.”  She acknowledges the complexity of the issues and is propelled by the need, as a follower of Jesus, to take a stand. Read about it at Praying on the Prairie. 

Pastors are sometimes lightning rods for criticism. At Sandpiper’s Thoughts, Kim offers some perspective from Brene Brown on the importance of transforming hurtful criticism into something that benefits both parties. 

Jan Edmiston asks a provocative question at achurchforstarvingartists: How much of your work day do you spend staring into space? I think I should do more of it; perhaps you feel that way also. 

Diane Roth, at Faith in Community, tells about leading preschool chapel on Wednesday mornings. I could just hear the shouts of enthusiasm as she described the children singing and praying together. I smiled my way through her entire post. 

This is a week with a lot going on, so be good to yourself. Take some time to visit these and other blogs in our ring, and be sure to leave a comment while you’re there.

Barbara Bruneau is a Lutheran pastor serving in Blair, Wisconsin. She is a knitter, a weaver, and a very occasional blogger.

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