Today is International Transgender Day of Remembrance.  From Brazil to Thailand, to Russia and United States, we especially remember and honor these dear souls who have been killed mercilessly because of their gender identity.   Unspeakable violence was wrought upon these precious ones~~death by stoning, burning, dismemberment, gunshot, beatings, and suffocated. 

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers for the suffering of our sisters and brothers:

JW da silva

Julia Sofia

Yasmin Montoy

Josphina Doe

WR Alexandre

Josephina Doe

Rafael Silva

Chaiene da Silva


HJ Silva

Pamela Peira

Josephina Doe

Taina WP Alencar

Hilda AJ da Silva


Erika WP de Arruda


Tiffany Rodrigues

Josphina Doe

Thiemy Oliveira

Adriane Bonek

Sabrina ES Sales

Josephina Doe

Edymara M. Leao

Nicolle Rocha

Pandora Pereira

Daiane Brasil

Julia Almeida

Danielly Barby

Shiela Santos

Lorran Lorang

Josphina Doe

Gabriel Figueira de Lima



Ana Hickmann

Michele de Souza

Leticia Silva

Alana da Silva Pessoa

Jessica L.C. Menezes

Luana Biersack

Amanda Araujo

Bianca Abravanel


Gabriela Rodrigues


D.S. Barros

M. Moreira

Camilla Rios

Josephina Doe

Mika P. Da Silva

Maria la del Barrio

Josephina Doe


Josephina Doe

Josephina Doe


Fabiane Hilario


Bruna Souza

Ketelen Alves

Giovana Atanazio

Josephina Doe

Thiago Fernando Batista

Paulett Gonzalez


Raina Aliev

Lorena Reyes

Amphon Kongsong

Hande Kader

Monica Loera

Jasmine Sierra

Maya Young

Kendarie/Kandicee Johnson

Keyonna Blakeney

Tyreece “Reecey” Walker

Mercedes Successful

Amos Beede

Devin Diamond

Deeniquia Dodds

Dee Whigham

Erykah Tijerina

Rae’lynn Thomas

TT Saffore

Crystal Edmonds

By the tender mercy of our God, the dawn from on high will break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. Amen. 

The list of names are from The International Transgender Day of Remembrance

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