nine-revgalI appreciate RevGalBlogPals every time I turn on my computer to work. I’m reminded by Facebook posts that I am not alone and that there is work to be done and sisters to do it with. Workers in the church have so few places to celebrate the joy of ministry and the very real occasional suffering of ministry. RevGalBlogPals keeps me going when I forget why I made the commitment in the first place. – Jenee Woodard, curator of The Text This Week

In a season of giving to others, make a gift to yourself and your ministry by supporting RevGalBlogPals and our work creating community for clergywomen. Whether you are a clergywoman or a friend of clergywomen, if you have considered giving, we hope you will start now. Every gift helps. Click here to start giving today. A recurring donation, in any amount, helps us plan for the year just as the pledges at your church help with budgeting.

I need RevGalBlogPals when I don’t know the words to pray.
I need RGBP when I don’t want to pray the words I need to pray.
I need RGBP when I need some courage (aka kick in the butt) to follow Jesus.
I need RGBP when I need encouragement.
I need RGBP when I’m joyfully bursting with a story no one else will understand.
I need RGBP when I feel isolated and lonely.
I need RGBP when I’m stuck on a sermon, anytime up until the 11th hour.
I need RGBP when I don’t even know what I don’t know.
I need RGBP when I need someone to challenge and name my privilege.
I need RGBP when I think I know what I’m doing.
I need RGBP just about every day. I need the friendships. I need the support. I need to give support. – Monica Thompson Smith, PCUSA pastor, Texas

Over 4,000 members benefit from our social media presence and participate in our continuing education programs, but only a tiny fraction support RevGalBlogPals financially. Your gifts support the work of our 1/4 time Executive Director, who serves us as social media minister, website editor-in-chief, volunteer coordinator, continuing education event planner, and dreamer of what might be; you can help us increase her hours by supporting RevGals. Your gifts also enable us to offer scholarships to women who want to attend our continuing education events but have had a change in ministry status or serve in part-time settings without support for professional development.

As I started seminary, I searched online for “women clergy” and found the fledgling RevGal bloggers. I joined their collective voices on-line. They were patient as I found my feet in ministry, asked my clueless questions, and challenged my tightly held assumptions about gender roles in the church, my patriarchal-brewed theologies, and my limited view of the world. They helped me laugh at myself. They freely offered resources. They cheered me on as I was ordained and began chaplaincy training.

As a monthly supporter of RevGals, I receive back so much more than I can give. I write for the blog. I enjoy the books they write. I use their liturgies in worship. I pray for their families as they pray for mine. And I know, without a doubt, that we are bringing diverse, compassionate voices to a world that so desperately needs them.

Join me in supporting RevGalBlogPals. Together we DO make a difference in our devotion and our ministries. – Deb Vaughn, American Baptist pastor and chaplain, Maryland

If you are already a donor, we thank you! If you give via PayPal, please consider a 5% increase, which will more than cover the percentage we pay them for processing.

If you cannot give financially, but participate in RevGals with your time and talent and presence, we thank you for your commitment and creativity and support.

Now more than ever, we need each other. We need RevGalBlogPals.

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