The eve of Christmas Eve is waning (in the U.S.’s eastern time zone). For many RevGals who pastor churches all around the world, the final preparations & worship services are nearing completion. The light at the end of the Advent/Christmas liturgical tunnel is drawing blessedly near.

To encourage your spirit’s meditation amidst the busyness of this holy season (or to spark a last-minute Christmas Eve sermon), the writings and musings of RevGal & Pal bloggers are excerpted for this week’s Friday Festival. If you have a bit of time, drop by their blogs to wish Merry Christmas and offer your thanks for their words.

+ Liz at journalling echoes our eagerness for these final eves to break at long last so that we can welcome Christ and realize the salve of God’s mercies:

Soon salvation will come?
How about now?
… Now would be good
for light to come.”

+ Diana of Just Wondering offers a poignant and personal reflection on Advent waiting when the end is near: “Who really knows how much is enough? I don’t have any special insights, only my own bedraggled emotions and growing fatigue. To me, it feels like it is time.” Please read and include Diana in your prayers.

+ Kyle at The Community invites us to consider the passionate love of Christmas’ incarnation: “What would it look if we approached Christmas like a beloved longing for his or her lover? … What if this love is not one of mere sentiment or nostalgia but one of passion and intense desire? Would this change the way we view the coming of Christ?”

+ Erica of Don’t Flay the Sheep encourages churches to welcome children intentionally in worship: “The comment you think is polite, or the eyeroll you thought was subtle might be the final straw for a family that is struggling, a stab to the heart of a parent who is trying their best.” It’s an important reflection worth sharing with your congregation’s leaders to encourage hospitality year-round.

+ For those feeling overwhelmed, Rosa of Las Puertas Abiertas de Par en Par reminds us: “It is good work, the work of keeping watch. My hope for all of us is that we too may see the angels rush in with hands full of stars in the nights ahead.”

+ Finally, this poetry from Maureen at The Pastor is IN:

“Even when we can no longer
See it
Or feel it
Or imagine it
The light
of God
is always there
Carrying Advent
To us
And with us
Wherever we may be.”

Many blessings to you through these final eves before Christmas Day!

Rachel G. Hackenberg is a United Church of Christ minister, soccer mom, blogger, and author. Her book Sacred Pause plays with words to refresh our relationship with The Word.

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