starBack when I was sending out Christmas cards (meaning: before I entered the ministry), I would often choose an image of the Wise Men for the cover of my card. There was something about the idea of people leaving everything familiar to travel toward something unknown, having only a distant star to guide them, that captured my imagination. This week, several bloggers have thought about Epiphany in a variety of ways.

Julia S, blogging at Faith, Grace, and Hope, remembers her first occasion of sharing Star Words with her congregation and some thoughts about the word that she drew.

Blogging at The Painted Prayerbook, Jan Richardson shares a lovely poetic reflection on the journey of the magi.

Joanna Harader takes a closer look at Herod’s role in the story in her blog, Spacious Faith.

In Write Out of Left Field, Rachael Keefe thinks about the way the magi were changed by their journey and the way she was powerfully changed by a journey she made to Israel.

Kristin Abbott thinks about epiphanies in scripture, in literature, and in bread baking in her blog, Liberation Theology Lutheran.

Michelle Francl thinks about “The Art of Packing a Camel” and the burdens we carry every day at her blog, Quantum Theology.

In her blog called Seeker, Nancy Wallace shares a poem by Christine McIntosh about what we are seeking on our own journeys. When you visit her blog, be sure to follow the link to her post from a year ago, in which she shares her discovery of one of my favorite stories: The Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke.

Please leave comments for these bloggers when you visit their sites, so they will know that you’ve stopped by.

Barbara Bruneau is a Lutheran pastor learning what it means to be retired. She is a knitter, a weaver, and a very occasional blogger at An Explosion of Color and Texture.

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