ashland-trailFriday the 13th?! What are we up to?  Here are seven posts for the next seven days!

While interfaith relationships have been an interest of mine since my middle school days, they have recently become a matter of some personal urgency. Jan in achurchforstarving artists suggests a book on Interfaith Leadership from Eboo Patel, and reflects on how we learn from one another to be who we are.

I suppose that we all have days on which doctrine and rules are at odds with mystery and openness. In Liberation Theology Lutheran, Kristin delivers a poem on her experience of a day designed by Pharisees.

You can find a series of posts on one word each – looks like there will be 365 of them – in Emma’s LLM Calling.  On Wednesday I’m looking at last Friday’s, for which the word is positive but the topic seems to be clarity – my star word, so of interest to me. Perhaps you’ll find some elucidation on your own word in these short poems.

In Letter Box, Michelle of Quantum Theology addresses the spiritual practice of letter writing through a reflection on the prolific correspondence of St. Ignatius.  As another adherent of Ignatian spirituality, I know that he wrote more letters than any other figure in the 16th century western world.  I wonder what our correspondence might say, five hundred years hence, about our lives of faith?

Mary Ann McKibben Dana writes in The Blue Room about ten things which captivated her this week.  I love these sorts of posts, as they offer fascinating insights into other people plus they motivate me to ask the same question about my own life

I’ve been giving some thought to physical spaces of late.  Healthy Spirituality’s Jeanie writes about creating sacred space in the first in a series about intentionally making room for prayer – whether physical or metaphorical.

And finally, in a post related to the many I’ve read recently about New Year’s gratitude practices, Connie wonders whether gratitude can be taught, and muses about the distinction between practice and experience.



Rev. Robin Craig is a PC(USA) pastor serving an ELCA congregation in Bay Village, Ohio. She is also a spiritual director, a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, and a blogger at


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