all our new bloggers definitely meet these criteria!

We have some amazing new members this month! Definitely update your feedly or your bookmarks, because you’ll want to keep reading. Here they are, in their own words:

Alicia at Chasing The Promise: “Working towards living an integrated life means that you’ll see evidence of my passions and my professional life weaved into my postings. I’m a faith engaged community organizer, activist, and co-founder of Center for Inclusivity. The same heart that draws me to advocate for justice, equity, and compassion for all people is reflected in this space. I’m also random as hell with a deep appreciation for dark chocolate, sour patch kids, Jesus, and shenanigans.”

Kwame, also known as Trybal Pastor: “Child of Creator; Guided by Ancestors = Revolution; Empowered by Holy Spirit = Transformation; Liberated by the Orishas and the Lwa=Love. #DecolonizeLutheranism”

Allison of A Girl and Her Gluestick: “I come from a family of Ohioans, but grew up in North Carolina (home of the Avett Brothers and Cheerwine and Cookout). I’ve been wandering all over the Southeast ever since. I majored in religion at Furman University, but was definitely not going to seminary and was for sure never going to be a pastor. (Yeah. Okay.) After college, I signed up for the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Young Adult Volunteer program. The YAV program took me to Nashville and then New Orleans. I’ve also worked at summer camps in both of the Carolinas, Florida, and Georgia.
Now I find myself a seminary graduate and a candidate for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Holy Spirit is on the move, and I’m just over here with some magazine scraps trying to make some sense of it all.”

Cheyanne, the Thistlette: “I’m a 23-year-old Christian Feminist and freelance writer with a master’s in TESOL. I have a passion for women’s rights and the church that informs all that I do. I currently live in Shenyang, China with my husband and cat-son.”


Welcome, all!

Do you know a blogger who might be a good addition to our blogging community? Have them email us!


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