This week, we have two stories from Luke 13. Verses 1-9 has Jesus talking about a recent tragedy in the news–when a tower fell on some people in Siloam, bringing up the age old question–why do bad things happen to good people? He follows it up with an illustration of a fig tree not doing what it ought. There’s plenty to preach just from this section.

Note what happens in the verses we aren’t reading. Healing the bent over woman, the kingdom of God being like a mustard seed and like yeast, entering through the narrow door, and the first being last. (That’s a lot!)

Verses 31-35 show Jesus calling Herod a fox (and not in a good, foxy way) followed by a lament over Jerusalem. This passage has my favorite image of God, “as a hen gathers her brood under her wings….”

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What resonance do you see between the two passages? Will you focus on just one of them or both?

Ideas for what to do with the Children’s Time this week? Other liturgy or worship ideas to share?

Please add your wisdom and ideas in the comments!

Marci Auld Glass is the pastor of Southminster Presbyterian Church and lives with her husband and sons in Boise, Idaho. She is a graduate of Trinity University and Columbia Theological Seminary. She serves on the Clergy Advocacy Board of Planned Parenthood and the Mission Agency Board of the Presbyterian Church USA. Marci blogs at Glass Overflowing and is among the contributors to the RevGals book,There’s a Woman in the Pulpit (SkyLight Paths).

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6 thoughts on “Narrative Lectionary–Fun with Theodicy!

  1. I’m filling a pulpit for a friend on study leave, using the narrative lectionary for the first time, and inserting myself into her Lenten series, “Turn to Jesus, turn towards…” I got the LAMENT week. 🙂 So, I am drawing upon our distress over threatening powers in our lives (the Herods and crumbling towers), and this beautiful image of God as a protective hen… who cries for us to gather under her wing…The message will begin with the kids, recalling the images of God we know, and adding the chickens to it. Never have I ever seen a stained glass window with chickens on it!


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