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These weeks of Lent are filled with journey stories.  Jesus heads out to the desert.  Nicodemus walks out into the night.  The woman trudges to the well.  Everyone is moving inexorably toward Jerusalem.  And we tend to develop a heightened awareness of our own journeys during this season of movement.  Where are we around the blog ring headed and what have we been considering en route?

Many of us seem to be in a constant state of call process.  At least that’s what it feels like to me. Jan offers a list of questions for church interviews – questions for pastors and call committees alike.  Having had two interviews end in – well, in nothing – a couple of weeks ago, and being in between calls, I think they’re questions well worth considering.  (I’m still hoping that a call committee will ask me what I’m reading these days, and why.)

Many pastors and many of those we serve struggle with mental and emotional challenges which sometimes seem to be driving us down the road.  Elizabeth includes us a guest post by Mary Kate in order to provide a window into life in which anxiety and depression have given birth to unexpected courage and life.

Emma’s journey takes place from the vantage point of a wheelchair.  She relays an encounter with two boys, offering encouragement for questions and curiosity ~ which children display so much more readily than adults.

Danny has journeyed to Grenada, and her husband has taken a photograph worthy of a daily prayer time. 

Elaine is engaged in writing am series entitled reLENTless. (I can never, ever, think of catchy titles like that, so I will probably steal it for a future sermon series. With permission, of course.)  I’m giving you a link to her blog in general, because you may want to follow this entire journey with her.

And finally, Milton has written a Lenten Journal entry on “finding my place.”  That is one way to look at the journey, although one might ask: Process (finding)? Or destination (place)?  It’s a great post. 

Many of our bloggers are writing Lenten series, so I encourage you to look around and, if you are one of them, add yours in the comments here! 

Image: Cuyahoga Valley National Park (MRC)


Rev. Robin Craig is a PC(USA) pastor in Cleveland, Ohio. She is also a spiritual director, a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, and a blogger at


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3 thoughts on “Friday Festival Lenten Journey

  1. Thanks for these wonderful suggestions Robin. Off to a slow start, I’m blogging daily-ish, women of scripture. ( It may end up being women of the Hebrew Scriptures, since I’m moving rather slowly through Genesis so far, with more than one entry per.)

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  2. Thanks Robin. The #reLENTless tag is actually from The Slate Project. I did their Advent blogging several years ago. They have a FB page and a website. However, the only place I could find the #reLENTless list was on their FB page.

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