napping-2Risen One,
Forgive us as we stumble about today with one eye propped open. Barely.  We are so tired after a week of bearing witness to the power of your life, your death, your rising. Rest assured (see what I did there?), it is a contented fatigue that graces our bones. There is deep joy in the privilege of proclamation–yes, down to the details of planning, music, coordinating, encouraging, tending… all of it is an honor to bear in your name.  We will rise, rested, in due course, charged again with the deepest of loves that rolled from the tomb until it was empty. We will meet you on the road, ready to hear, again, the stories that fill the gaps of our hearts and wrestle with the questions that hover in our minds. We will be there, because the poor continue to seek shelter and food, and the brokenhearted need comfort, and those who wonder need someone to listen. We will be there, just as you are always there with and for us. After we nap.
your devoted weary ones.

Anne Fraley is an Episcopal priest serving Grace Church, Broad Brook, CT.  A dog-lover from prepubescent days, she also dabbles in canine massage. Occasionally she succeeds at reviving her blog at reverent irreverence.

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