I have a very long commute each day. Said commute almost always inclimg_3233udes children in the car (ages 4 and 7). Since I do not have an unlimited book budget (*sob*), I cannot get everything I want to read in print and in audio. Furthermore, some of what I enjoy reading to, I would not want to listen to and vice versa.

Which brings me to podcasts. I. Love. Podcasts.

I realize that this may seem very 2008, introducing podcasts, but as with the gospel- not everyone knows.

I thought that I would listen my regulars here and I hope that you will comment on your favorites in the comments. If you are new to podcasts or have tried them before via a laptop or desktop, may I advise you? If you have a device (like a phone or tablet), you can download a podcast application (app) and subscribe to your favorites. Almost all podcasts are free, but many have ads to support their content. Some occasionally have fund drives or post additional (extra) content behind a paywall. And there are podcasts for EVERYTHING.

I listen to:

Ask Me Another (quiz show/humor/weekly)

Brains On (kids/science/weekly)

Criminal (crime/psychology/2x a month)

Code Switch (race/culture/weekly)

The Dinner Party Download (news/pop culture/weekly)

Happier with Gretchen Rubin (lifestyle/2x weekly)

Hidden Brain (science/psychology/ weekly)

Invisibilia (currently on hiatus)

NPR Politics Podcast (politics/2x weekly)

Pray-As-You-Go (Devotional/Meditation/Daily)

Pop Culture Happy Hour (pop culture/weekly)

The Road Back to You (Enneagram/2x monthly for free content)

The Room Where It Happens (Hamilton/weekly for 46 episodes)

Slate Daily Podcast (news/culture/politics/sports/parenting/8x weekly)*

Splendid Table (food/cooking/weekly)

The Sporkful (food/food culture/weekly)

StoryCorps (person stories/weekly)

Stuff You Missed in History Class (history/2x weekly)

This American Life (human interest/weekly)

Unorthodox (Judaism/Jewish culture/weekly)

Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me (humor/news/weekly)

Working Preacher Sermon Brainwave (weekly)

The Writer’s Almanac (history/poetry/daily)


* I confess that the Slate Daily Podcast feed has several podcasts that I do not listen to because of time and interest, but I do listen to The Gist, Trumpcast, Whistlestop, Politics Gabfest, Culture Gabfest, Mom and Dad are Fighting, and the Audio Book Club.

I have listened to both seasons of Serial, the first season of Undisclosed, the first season of the Truth and Justice Podcast, and assorted other podcasts that had to do with Adnan Syed. I listened to every episode of Our National Conversation about Conversations about Race, which is now off the air (so to speak) and I miss it. I also listened faithfully to PBS Religion and Ethics News Weekly, which has also ended.

I have not linked to any of the podcasts mentioned here, because it is much better to find them and subscribe via a podcast app than to listen via their websites. I have been listened to This American Life for years. So many years, in fact, that I have favorite episodes that I can quote and that I barely can recommend because I will take it personally if you aren’t as moved as I am. (Yes, that’s exactly as irrational as it sounds.)

Tell me about your listening habits, please!


The Reverend Julia Seymour serves Lutheran Church of Hope in Anchorage, AK. She blogs at lutheranjulia.blogspot.com and readsallthethings.com. She contributed to There’s A Woman in the Pulpit. 

RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts via email or social media. We do not grant permission to cut-and-paste prayers and articles without a link back. For permission to use material in paper publications, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.


One thought on “RevGalBookPals: Podcast Edition

  1. I’ll comment here and on FaceBook: My list overlaps a lot. Along with Brains On, another one my kids (8 and 10) like is Story Pirates. I listen to Overdue (mostly older books) which uses kid friendly language and The Allusionist (about words).


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