toe-in-water-772773_640Dear Jesus,

This resurrection stuff is not what I expected.  When I first dipped my toes into it the water washed delightfully across my feet, but there are times when torrents swallow my ankles (and then some) and I’ve even been swept away into the fullness of new life. That’s harrowing! It’s all good, as the saying goes, but it’s an adjustment. Relinquishing what was is a bittersweet endeavor, and the terrain downstream is unfamiliar. The effort of keeping up can be exhausting, and sometimes I just want to sit and dip my toes. In and out. In and out.

Your companionship makes all the difference. You’ve been here, done it, with extraordinary grit and grace. I can do it, too. Be not far from this place where I sit. I may do more than dip today. I may actually jump in with a shout of glee.

Hold my mug, here I go!



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