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This week, reminders that we come from a variety of places and points of view abound in the blog ring.

This one cracked me up when it appeared first in my feedly on Thursday: In Tales from the Great Adventure, Derek urges us to stop bashing millennials and help them fix the world instead! No, I don’t agree with all of his generalizations, and I am often frustrated when people assume that my age and appearance = staid, conservative, change-basher, creative as a lump of coal. But there has been a lot of discussion in my family of late about millennial (my children) and boomer (c’est moi) approaches to life, love, and work, so I had to laugh when a RevPal logged in when another take on the conversation

To that end, in Philosophy Over Coffee, Jeff wrote a prayer about the struggle involved in change – a universal struggle, no matter the generation.

Also to that end, Teri with Something to Say is back from a personal essay and memoir writing class filled with diverse people and diverse stories, and reminds us, as does Walt Whitman, that we belong to each other.

And because we do all belong to each other, I conclude with a pastoral visit, the anguish of a family saying good-bye as Alzheimer’s drives a beloved one toward the end of life, a small town 4th of July parade ~ all of the muchness of life captured in words and collage of video and music in Rosa’s Las Puertas Abiertas de Par en Par.


Oh . . . except wait . . . some other offerings you should not miss this week:

Diane from Faith in Community asks What is it about books?

Kim in Sandpiper’s Thoughts with View from a Lighthouse

Kristin in Liberation Theology Lutheran with Love Each Other as You Have Loved the Monastery Dog

And Michelle’s Quantum Theology view from the Vatican Observatory.

Everything, absolutely everything, is connected!


Rev. Robin Craig is a PC(USA) pastor in northeast Ohio.. She is also a spiritual director, a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, and a blogger at

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Image: Prayer Walkers of various faith communities all connected in Euclid OH.

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