we thank you for Friday,
a preacher's Sabbath,
if she will make it that,
will let the sermon lie.

Yet picking up cat food,
and running to the post office,
the bank, the grocery store,
May render rest evanescent.

You call us to work.

Help us hear
your call to stop

Guide our steps
to the park,
or the pool,
the couch
or the movie theatre,
even the brewery.

Hear our song of praise
for time as whole people,
not only pastors:
friends and partners,
knitters and runners,
readers and writers.

Thank you for our lives,
for our loves,
for our bodies,
for our brokenness
and our beauty.

Thank you for Sabbath,
for time taken to
see it all
and feel it all
before we rise
to work again.

Thank you.


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