Cuyahoga Valley National Park Boardwalk
Cuyahoga Valley National Park Boardwalk

It’s that beginnings and endings time of year again.  In my own extended family, I’m watching babies arriving and children starting school while saying good-bye yet again to almost-family members returning to England.  And around the blog ring . . . .

I’ve just gotten started with a new congregation, and so I was delighted to find that Rachael Keefe, a UCC pastor in Minneapolis, has written A Pastoral Prayer for the Church of Today.

Amanda Gayle Reed, United Methodist Appalachian Preacher in West Virginia, reminds us that mothers as well as their babies need hope and healing where addiction is destroying lives.

Stacy Sergent, a hospital chaplain in South Carolina, tells about back-to-school shopping for children who need some help in getting ready for school, and about trying to explain to her boys that not everyone has easy access to the things they are able to take for granted.

Kristin Berkey-Abbot, a Lutheran and Floridian, has produced a Photo Theology of Work.  I love this!  I particularly love that Kristin goes out of the box in literally looking at work.  I am going to try something similar this week.   (I thought today might be the day, but I forgot to take the phone to my first work, picking up the car from the tire store.)  Praying for you and yours, Kristin, as the hurricane bears down.

The poem-prayer that captured my attention (scroll down through the blog) in Gifts in Open Hands is about shoes – more specifically, the shoes left behind after a suicide bomber’s attack on a mosque. Maren Tirabassi is a UCC pastor and writer in New England, and I am linking to the blog as a whole, in which you will find treasures galore.  (And pardon the font change  . . . a mystery!)

And Terri Pilarski, an Episcopal priest in Michigan, is writing about getting started again, on blogging and on a Psalms study.  I suppose that many of us are in the midst of preparing new studies, and it’s good to read about something else re-discovering what she thought she knew.

How are your own beginnings and endings proceeding?


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One thought on “Friday Festival: Beginnings and Endings

  1. Thank you so much Robin for the mention of my blog and giving me lots and lots of procrastination — whoops, I mean inspiration — this afternoon through all these other posts.


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