For a handful of years, Grey’s Anatomy was my go-to television show for getting a good cry each week. Then an episode hit too close to home (I don’t remember why), and I had to find a new crying outlet. They’re easy to come by: a home renovation episode, the ending of any three Toy Story movies, a moving performance in a dance competition, NPR’s StoryCorps — any of these and I’m a weepy mess, and these are just my media outlets!

As the world rages and storms, as the stresses of your home or work collide with your body’s weariness, when and how to you take space to cry? How do you practicing weeping over beauty as well as lamenting over injustice? Do you have routines for crying (like watching a television show every week)?

There are some tear-jerkers around our blogging community — stories of joy, stories of rage, stories of change — so I invite you to make a little room for #allthefeels and to read these blogposts without worrying about anything wet that might appear in your eyes.

+ Becky Ramsey writes about taking her son to college — I just took my oldest to college, too, which is probably why this blogpost makes my eyes moist. About parenting and loving, she says: “Love is powerful. Awe-ful. Sometimes it’s awful. That’s the secret nobody really talks about.”

+ Messy Jesus Business shares the story of visiting Ground Zero for the first time. The blogpost is cross-posted between websites, but you’ll want to click through to the end to read this: “During ages such as these, in this time of terrorism and disasters, my sense is that the Spirit is inviting all of us to become masters of reverence. We must tread upon all ground with mindfulness and gratitude; we must move with care and kindness.”

+ Tales from the Great Adventure was caught up in the beauty of evening light recently and shared several pictures from a stroll through the church garden. “Our gardens are not only lovely, they are a metaphor for the body of Christ and the unifying beauty of love that is underpinning all we do and who we are at our core as a community.”

+ Sometimes the little things in life make us laugh to the point of crying, like An Unfinished Symphony finding her canning pot & jars stored in a large bin labeled “Old Tech.” (The part of the story that made me LOL was reading “mice” on the bin’s list of contents!)

+ A beautiful moment of prayer shared by Standing on the Side of Love might also inspire an idea for your church: sitting quietly each week to read & pray through a basket of prayer cards. Marguerite shares the message she received while praying: “It is time for you to move out of the judgment seat and into the mercy seat. Move over.”

RevGals and Pals, what stories have moved you to tears of joy and tears of anguish in recent days? Post a link to your own blog in the comments if you’ve written a reflection or story that you’d like to share.

Rachel G. Hackenberg is a United Church of Christ minister, soccer mom, blogger, and author. Her book Sacred Pause plays with words to refresh our relationship with The Word.

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