neverthelessYou’ll find the Working Preacher Podcast for this week here.

It was quite the conversation Moses had with YHWH when God called him to be involved in resolving the injustice that God’s people are caught up in as slaves in the land of Egypt.
One might have imagined that, given his chequered history, Moses might be keen to step up to the plate and become a hero. No fear! (Or rather – lots of fear!) Apart from his inadequacies as an orator, Moses must have had misgivings about going against the people to whom he owed his life and his privileged upbringing. Of course God could have resolved the problem without human intervention – but that was not the way God chose. And a reluctant hero was no match for God’s powers of persuasion. But there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to reach that point, exhausting the patience of God!
Preaching this week, you might ponder from the text:

  • Where are the places we are called to speak truth to power?
  • What prevents us from stepping up and speaking up?
  • Where are we conflicted or compromised in our loyalties?
  • Where do our sympathies lie?
  • Who, in our community is crying our for freedom?
  • Who are the oppressors or the complicit?
  • What bargains are we negotiating with God?
  • Who will speak up?

None of us has far to look for the answers to these questions. So how will you preach this text this week?
Please share your thoughts in the comments so that we can be in conversation as we prepare together to preach God’s word for God’s people.

Liz Crumlish is a Church of Scotland Minister currently working on a National Renewal Project in Scotland.  A Board Member of RevGalBlogPals, instigator of Spill the Beans and contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, Liz blogs at journalling


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4 thoughts on “Narrative Lectionary: Speak Up (Exodus 2:23-25; 3:10-15; 4:10-17)

  1. I saw this quote on Mary Ann McKibben Dana’s facebook page. I think it might make it into this week’s sermon.

    “The truth will set you free. But first it will shatter the safe, sweet way you live.” –Sue Monk Kidd

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