msQmD3gDear God,

I am thinking about the people of Puerto Rico, reeling from the storms, struggling to get food and water and shelter and medical care.

I am thinking about the tension between the United States and North Korea, each with nuclear weapons and unpredictable leaders.

I am thinking about the Rohingya, being slaughtered and driven from their country.

I am thinking about the systemic racism in this country and the increased visibility of white supremacists.

I am thinking about my daughter, nineteen and pregnant. About the couple who will adopt her baby. About how I’m too young to be a grandmother.

I am thinking about the man at church with Parkinson’s. About the interview with the potential church babysitter that I need to schedule. About the bread I hope shows up for World Communion tomorrow. About the mice in the church kitchen.

I am thinking about the cinnamon bread I plan to make. About a new counter top for my bathroom vanity. About going to the zoo this afternoon.

Honestly, God, I am thinking that I need to stop thinking about so many things. But all the things are there—are here: in your world and in my heart. And, of course, thinking that I shouldn’t be thinking about something . . . is less than helpful.

So rather than stop thinking, I will add praying.

I am praying for relief and peace and safety and justice.

I am praying for my daughter’s body and spirit—and for the baby’s.

I am praying for health, and good childcare, and bread, an no more mice.

I am praying thanks for my food, my home, my family.

And I am praying that I might learn to experience all of my thinking abouts as a gift—a gift of seeing the big picture; a gift of realizing my connection to your world; a gift of participating in your love and compassion.

Dear God, I am thinking about a lot of things. I am praying for a lot of things. I am resting in your grace.


Rev. Joanna Harader thinks and prays in Lawrence, KS, where she also pastors Peace Mennonite Church and blogs at

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