red leaf

Waking up to a deep sense of foreboding each morning, and feeling the weight of ministry in the face of world and national events, I find myself seeking out those small experiences of encounter with the holy which give us a glimpse of something beyond the political, the tweeting, the floodwaters, and the bodies lying on the ground in Las Vegas.

Michelle Francl is reflecting on a funeral, a bicycle, and incense at Quantum Theology.

Rosa Lindahl, finding hope in Las Puertas Abiertas de Par en Par,  remembers the irony of accompanying women as they ended pregnancies in the context of her own life as child and mother. While her piece was motivated by a recent political decision, her writing reminds us that the political is always, and often painfully, personal, and that holiness is found in the daily, even when the daily is not what we would choose, given other circumstances.

Known to many of us as The Questing Parson, Guy Kent has a moment in an oncology treatment center, and uses humor to reveal that he now walks a profoundly challenging path.

Kristin Berkey-Abbott’s Liberation Theology Lutheran story about her house is more of an extended moment than a brief one, but holy nevertheless.  As someone who loves both the Durrells of Corfu (a PBS family) and my own house which always teeters between beauty and shabby disrepair, I appreciate her articulation of what makes a home (and as you’ve probably guessed, it has more to do with love than with Mediterranean-inspired PBS lighting).

Some of these moments are easily savorable.  Some draw us to a depth of grace we might not have imagined existed before they happened.  We end with a Prayer to Savor the Moment, helped along by prayer beads, written by Linda Anderson-Little in Soul Story Writer.

Please add posts you’d like us to read, and drop a comment note to those you read here.  May you see the holy in their words.




Rev. Robin Craig is the Pastor of Independence Presbyterian Church in Ohio, a spiritual director and retreat leader, and a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit.  She can be found blogging erratically here.


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