Today, the saints crowd around us, God, and we are grateful;

for friends who made us laugh so hard it hurt,

parents with the lessons it took us so long to learn,

siblings, holding our shared past,

mentors, with their particular wisdom.

We see the people who come to mind every day,

and the ones who pop by occasionally;

we notice the people who left us with scars, mental and physical,

and the others who were so easy to love.

We carry all of their legacy with us.

For the grace – or pain – that came through them,

we are grateful…and also grief-filled, angry, resentful and lost.

Today, feeling the presence of the saints around us,

may we receive the blessings we need,

and return our thanksgiving to you.

Today, for all the saints, we are grateful.  Amen.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Prayer

  1. Mary, you’ve written yet another prayer that touches the heart of things. We met once — Jan. 2009 — when I was preaching for a PNC in a “neutral pulpit” where you were the associate. I still remember the liturgy you wrote for that service. It was awesome!


    1. Hi, Mary! I did not get a call to the church in Detroit — one of my former seminary professors did. I was called to a church in a small city in upstate New York near the Canadian border. Beautiful country. I am now retired and back home in New Orleans. Still preaching! Glad to hear that you have a congregation in the Detroit area. Sounds like your church is doing good things.


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