mE2mQMuOh, my God,
There is just so much.
So much bad news to process.
So much pain to tend.
So much anxiety for the future.
So much regret for the past.
So much hatred.
So much violence.
So much falsehood.
So much to do.
So. So. So. Much.

So much good news to preach.
So much healing to receive.
So much peace for our souls.
So much grace for our lives.
So much love.
So much kindness.
So much truth.
So much to be.
So. So. So. Much.

Oh, my God.
Hear our pleas.
Hear our praise.
Be our so much
that is always enough.



Rev. Joanna Harader serves as pastor of Peace Mennonite Church in Lawrence, KS. You can find her blog at

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