Whether the eve of a holiday, or on an ordinary day, God, we come to you as thankful people.

For those who touch our day by growing our food or creating our clothing, working alongside us or teaching us, keeping us safe or repairing things, we give you thanks.

For those who touch our hearts, and whose voices we hear in our minds, whether they are near by or held in memory, we sigh with thanks.

For those who mend the broken in mind or body, for those who labor for a better world, for those who use their talents for justice, peace and freedom, we offer our awed thanksgiving.

For the people who will vex us today, who will force us to learn patience, or strength, or truth-telling, or even the gift not responding, we try to give you thanks.

For the food that will come to our palates, for the easily forgotten gift of clean water, we pause to thank you.

For all the gifts of this day, and every day, God, we praise you.  Amen.

Mary Austin is the pastor of Westminster Church of Detroit, a diverse Presbyterian church.

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