Nash Fall 2017This is Christian tradition at its best, moving in step with creation. When the sun’s light and heat wane, the natural world lets lushness fall away. It strips down. All energy is directed to the essentials that ensure survival. Engaging in Advent’s stripping practices – fasting, giving away, praying – we tune in to the rhythms humming in the cells of all creatures living in the northern hemisphere. We tune into our own essential rhythms.

Gayle Boss, All Creation Waits: The Advent Mystery of New Beginnings

Friend, you know: I’ve been watching the seasons in a new way this year.

My granddaughter is 3 1/2 and this is the first Fall she can remember. Each day we watch the leaves turn and fall. “There’s more sky now,” she says.

My parents are elderly and entering new seasons, too. Diminished abilities and life reviews. I talk with them about the ways that there’s  more sky in their lives now, too.

Friend, I don’t have time for any extra things. I feel as if I’ve been sandpapered in some very tender spaces. And also as if I need to pay the most attention to the liminal spaces in my life.

Give us this day an Advent blessing: to see you in all the things of our lives, and to have the courage to set aside the muchness and manyness in favor of More Sky.




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