God, of all and many and even me…

Be with all the caregivers…
those who are nursing a loved one back to health,
those who are bearing the burden and joy of providing for a loved one who is     indefinitely incapacitated.   Be with those who professionally provide home-health care, and those who nurse and care for those in hospitals and care facilities.  I am not sure why I am thinking of caregivers today, God, but I am.  Bless them with strength and life and small joys that energize.

And well, I pray for this guy at the table next to me who is obviously receiving a performance review from his boss.  At a coffee shop.  Wow.

A few tables over there is a middle school student studying with a friend.  That student is a member of my church.  I pray for their studies, and for the whole family, who is a joy.
I am grateful to run into this student.

I am going to pray for me, too, God.  For my shabby self, and for my sparkly self.  I pray for humility and forgiveness.  I pray for courage and moxie.

Thank you, God.  Love, me.

One thought on “Wednesday Prayer

  1. Thank you Karla. Having visited with a Hospice patient giving a spouse time to lunch with a friend. Your prayer has very special meaning.


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