Creator of us all,

we come to you midway between one sabbath and the next,

forgetting already that you made us for rest and play,

not just work.

Hear our praise for today’s small sabbath moments,

the pause as the computer works or the coffee brews,

the quiet of waiting in line, or the privilege of being alone in a clean bathroom.

In each one, we ask, let us remember who we are,

people made for sabbath,

for the slowing of the heart, the gaze full of wonder,

for the deep breath, full of the divine air that still lives in us.

Sabbath God, hear our midweek praise.  Amen.

Mary Austin is the pastor of Westminster Church of Detroit, a diverse Presbyterian church, where the state of the the heating system keeps her in semi-constant prayer.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Prayer

  1. This is a refreshing prayer. Thank God for this rest moment even to read from the heart at rest of another colleague.


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