TunnelWe’re halfway through Lent, and a number of our bloggers are reflecting on Darkness and Light in various ways. Here’s a sampling of the dozens of new posts in this past week by RevGals and Pals.

“Lent is about walking with friends through the darkness and seeing how we are changed.” Marguerite Sheehan thinks about how long it takes our eyes to adjust to walking from a brightly lit place we know well into a dark place.  “Your Eyes Will Adjust” is a recent post in her blog, Standing on the Side of Love.

“Could it be that the pernicious evil that powers the NRA has finally met its match in the bold persistence of America’s high school and middle school and now apparently elementary school kids?” Melanie Lynn Griffin wonders if we are about to break through the darkness of gun violence and mass shootings and be led into the light by youth who are not afraid to say “We call BS!” “Guns & Schools” is a post in her blog Writing with Spirit.

“Maybe Advent is for extroverts and Lent is for introverts.” Michelle Henrichs compares “Sitting in the Dark” of Lent to the busy-ness and pressure of Advent in her blog, Life in the Labyrinth. Advent is about decorations and candles and pressure to get to Christmas. Lent is about diminishing light and contemplating our mortality.

“There’s no mention of the ‘who’ that did the back-breaking work of clearing the land, preparing and working the fields” Debra Avery writes about the darkness of slavery and the deeper darkness of denial in her post “Reparations and Repentance, Part 1.” She shares her plans to visit places that now serve as wedding and event venues with no acknowledgement that they were literally built by enslaved people.

“Changing a congregation’s culture is exhausting.  But it’s not impossible.” Jan Edmiston offers some insight into why we may prefer to stay in the (familiar) darkness even as we are drawn to crave the light. “Tiny (Fossil) Steps” is a post in Jan’s blog A Church for Starving Artists.

“If you are light, and we are light, Why does it seem so dark?” Joy Freeman’s poem, “Light of the World,” is a prayer that we will be led out of darkness and learn to let God’s light shine through us. It appears in her blog, Chaplainhood.

Take a few minutes to click the link labeled “Our RevGals blogging community”; your world will be illuminated (see what I did there?) with a over 300 member blogs, more than 100 of them with recent posts in the past week. When you visit some of these blogs, please leave a Like or a comment so that our bloggers will know that you appreciate their work.

Barbara Bruneau is a retired Lutheran pastor, living in southeastern Minnesota and currently serving in interim ministry. She is a knitter, a weaver, and a very occasional blogger at An Explosion of Texture and Color.

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