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In For the Someday Book, Rev JMK posted a review last Friday of Elizabeth O’Connor’s 1968 Inward Journey, Outward Journey. Although I discovered it 25 years after its initial publication, the book became of critical importance to my spiritual life, especially to life as I tried to navigate my way into a healthy and engaged congregational life and heard frequent preaching on the tensions and meeting places of inward and outward lives.. When I saw the review, I wondered how the book has stood the test of time. The answer seems to be, “Very well!” As JMK notes, and as has been a persistent theme in my own life in the church, “There is an ongoing conversation within my ministry colleagues about the crucial role of discipleship and faith formation, and the “competition” between time or investment as churches in acts of justice and compassion and acts of prayer, worship and study.” This review is a reminder to continue to bring these matters to the fore.

On Saturday, Kimberly of Consider the Lilies posted her thoughts on wrestling with the angel of God. The whys, the whispers, the struggles, the love. A beautiful post for Lent.

In Speaking of Spirit on Sunday, — Linda Rhineheart Neas invited us to live like it’s spring! I could get on board with that.

On Monday, Joy Freeman wrote a poem for her blog Chaplainhood about being made in God’s image. It emerged from her recent experience of a surgery and alteration of her body image. This might be a gift to many of us who spend so much time with those undergoing medical procedures – such as the two women in my small congregation who have had mastectomies in the past few weeks.

Rachel Hackenberg published another of her marvelous prayers on Tuesday, this one a riveting (yes, really!) reflection on chores.

Michelle Francl and I are good friends, and so I had been following her sojourn through a conference with an injured foot on Facebook On Wednesday, she posted in Quantum Theology, turning her experience of being seated in a wheelchair outside a train station into a reflection on what we see, and what we know, and what we cannot know.

I am finishing this post up on Thursday, International Women’s Day, and Jan Edmiston (who has had a string of great posts in A Church for Starving Artists this week) has generously made it possible for me to conclude with this question: How effective are we? This past week, I heard a brief presentation on the differences between charity (what a lot of our churches do well), advocacy (what some of us do), and community organizing (only a few, right?). While each of us, as individuals and congregations, have to work out our salvation and call with fear and trembling, those questions of faithfulness and effectiveness should matter to us.

Have a great week, and be sure to add comments with links to posts you’d like us to read!


Rev. Robin Craig is the pastor of Independence (OH) Presbyterian Church. She is also a spiritual director, a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, and a blogger at

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