As Lent takes these final breaths, Divine Winds, remind me to breathe deeply.

The shallowness of the intake of air robs my body from oxygen and peace. My anxiety levels rise as I refuse to stop and be mindful… inhaling… exhaling.

My heart thumps as I recall the level of work that needs to be done… and the distractions that pull away my energy-

Loved ones sick.

Illness which has struck me.

Injustices to my neighbors.

Breathe- I remind myself. Embrace the energizing, focusing gusts of God’s power instead of allowing destructive, distracting gale winds to throw me off balance.

God’s, your breath made the resurrection story dance. It makes the salvific story of Jesus escape the grave and spread throughout time and space.

It will carry each of us throughout this sacred week to the empty tomb and beyond.


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