pieOur bloggers are writing about things unseen this week.  They explore the hidden nature of other people, themselves and their lives.  Also, the thinly veiled beauty of chocolate chip pie.

Unconscious contracts are on Mags Blackie’s mind, as she ponders the things she does without thinking deeply about them.  They include “The knee jerk response that I never thought to question, the fear of certain roles which I took as simply being part of who I am, and the unconscious bargaining – if I do this, then that will be the just outcome.”  She makes me think about the unseen patterns that guide all of our lives, and where I should dig deeper, too.

Both mind and body are involved for Rachael Keefe, as she writes about the secret divide we create between the two.  She recalls, “In my youth I prided myself on my “mind over body” capacity. I could eat less than 100 calories a day and still push myself to run several miles, sleep a few hours a night, and go to classes. I didn’t realize how significantly the disconnect between my body and my mind affected my faith formation. Since I viewed my body as an enemy to be conquered and controlled, it’s no surprise that I thought of any relationship with God as being impossible…Decades later, I inhabit a body that is limited by dysautonomia. It seems all my systems are slow – from digestion to heart rate. The primary effect is that I am tired all the time. So I employ, without even thinking about it, some of my old mind-over-body techniques just to get through the day and do what I want or need to do.”  There’s a difference now, though.  “I don’t see my body as an enemy any longer. I am my body and my body is me.”

The grace hidden inside each person is calling to Joy Freeman as she wonders,

“To see beyond the surface,
What would this do to the way I see the world?
The way I experience the world?”

She asks herself, “Would I see the belovedness of the person I disagree with most?”

There’s a third, silent partner keeping grace alive in Katherine Doyle’s marriage.  She has a secret weapon in not getting bothered about the things her husband does.  “What were these things? Things like leaving dirty clothes on the floor, not hanging up towels the way I like them hung, leaving a coffee cup in the sink instead of the dishwasher, not putting the throw pillows on the bed the right way, just to name a few. Why, you are asking, do you and did you not care? It’s very simple–Sally.”

And, if we’re seeking to live joyfully in the body, Kathy Randall offers her award winning recipe for Chocolate Chip Pie.  (The photo above is from her blog.)

What hidden things are being revealed in your life right now?  We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Mary Austin is the pastor of Westminster Church of Detroit, a diverse Presbyterian Church.  She blogs from time to time at Stained Glass in the City.

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