Dear Donald, may I call you Donald? You don’t seem to mind getting familiar with people…just excuse me if I don’t get too close…

You have an awful lot to say about an awful lot of things, not much of which makes sense, if I may say so.

This last week you attended the NRA Convention. In your speech you made reference to knife crime in the UK. You said ‘They don’t have guns. The have knives and instead there’s blood all over the floors of the hospitals.’ You are right of course – we don’t have guns. Well not many actually. Over this last weekend there have been a few shooting incidents in London. And everyone, and I mean everyone, has condemned the violence and is appalled that guns have been used. This shocks us. And yet you seem to not be shocked at the daily deaths to guns in your own country – instead you try to deflect attention elsewhere.

It doesn’t matter Donald if it is guns or knives – both cause devastation to lives when used. As an onlooker from over here in Scotland I am confused as to why there is such an obsession in your country with regards the right to own a gun. In this country we don’t see it as a right and anyone wanting to own a gun has to go through rigorous screening. It took one mass school shooting, yes just one, for us to put in place tough gun laws. I see no reason why anyone would want or need to own a gun to carry around in their handbag. If you think this is necessary in your country Donald, then there is something seriously wrong with your own backyard. So, excuse me if I politely ask you to butt out and sort your own yard out before commenting on someone else’s.

And while I am at it…our National Health Service, the one you claim has floors covered in blood. We here in the UK love our NHS. It is going through a tough time having been stretched by lack of funding and constant administrative tinkering. But in the last couple of weeks I have seen it at its best. My mother in law is currently recovering from having received a knee replacement. Operation and post-operative care of the best quality. She will go home in a day or two with a care package in place. Cost to her? NIL. My uncle is undergoing treatment for lung cancer, his life expectancy is not great. He is receiving wonderful caring treatment in a lovely ward. Cost to him? NIL. My mum has been to the breast clinic for a variety of tests regarding suspected breast cancer all in the last few weeks. Fast, efficient and at what cost to her? NIL. Any treatment she will require is already taken care of – there will be no card machine requiring her credit card details, no insurance company to contact, no bill to be paid. We here gladly provide for our NHS through our taxation system. Everyone chips in and everyone gets the care they need. Need, not what they can afford. And it works.

Donald please do not criticise a country where we strive to treat ALL our citizens with dignity and care. Instead perhaps you and your ‘church’ buddies could read your Bibles and learn more about the Christ you appear to proclaim. Because from over here it all looks warped and far removed from the Gospel I know and love.

Yours truly,

Rev Shuna Dicks – concerned observer.

PS I hope you enjoy your trip to the UK in July. Please excuse me if I ignore it.


Shuna is a Church of Scotland Minister servicing in a suburban area of Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland. Along with her hubby Neil they split their time between the parish and their own seaside home.


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One thought on “The Pastoral is Political: Butt out Donald

  1. As a United States citizen, I say loudly THANK YOU for your observations & posting! Blessings – Judy Holmes


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