Here in Northeast Ohio, Spring sprang on Thursday, with flowering trees suddenly in bloom all over the place.  It’s beautiful around here, and probably no one wants to stay inside and read.  But in case you’re somewhere rainy or cold, we’ve got some blog posts for you.

Here’s an interesting one from Jan Edmiston in achurchforstarvingartists. Assuming that the readers of this blog do care about the church, where would we place ourselves on Jan’s list?  I don’t mind acknowledging that I’m a 7 and a 9 – I do know my own mid-council leaders (8) and a couple of others, but I’m probably a 9 only because I’m going to this year’s biennial national denominational gathering, and so I’m trying to learn.  More intriguing to me than what I personally know or don’t (a lot), however, is a broader question:  What are signs that one cares about the mainline church?

Mary Beth Butler gets down to what’s real in Terrapin Station as she ponders an 1860 census form that identifies her ancestors as “free inhabitants” of Illinois.

I keep forgetting about Mothers’ Day.  But here it comes.  But April Yamasaki of Writing and Other Acts of Faith shares a litany entitled “Love Each Other Deeply” written by Leonard Klassan.  It gets some of the job done.  She also provides links to several other Mothers’ Day resources

Jean Wise has a Thursday series going in Healthy Spirituality entitled Tending the Holy, and this week she asks about our prayer toolbox.  I really enjoy this as an image for teaching about prayer

And MaryAnn McKibben Dana has a new book and a new website!  If you’ve ever received her end-of-year workbooks or followed her improve journey, you’ll find this one intriguing!

Please add anything you’d like us to read in the comments section, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.  Enjoy!


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Rev. Robin Craig is a PC(USA) pastor in northeast Ohio.. She is also a spiritual director, a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, and a blogger at www.maryrobincraig.com.

Image: Spring!

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