It seems that nearly everyone I know is going on Camino this summer.  It’s actually only three people, but the way that my FB has exploded with pictures and reflections, you’d think that I am the only person in the world not in Spain!   Then there are the folks in Italy, and Scotland, and the American Southwest, and Quebec City . . .   So let’s see what other journeys RevGals are on this week . . .

Laura Marie’s post in Everyday Christianity about paddling in the presence of God just made me happy.  There’s something ~ everything ~ about a journey by canoe that’s sacred: earth, water, sky; labor and rest; isolation and community.  Just the image at the top of the post made me happy.

Michelle journeyed to the homeless shelter, where she discovered that less is less, as she writes in Quantum Theology about unburdening herself.

Jane’s Journey offers us one response to the journey we’ve all been on since Robert Kennedy’s death.  I went diving that day as well, with a somewhat different objective in mind ~ but it seems that many of us knew, however unconsciously, that we were plunging into a new era.

Laura Stephens-Read, in her blog of the same name, talks about the journey toward confidence and self-assurance.

Here’s a journey: Soul Work Toward God.  Elaine Besthorn has published four posts in The Edge on her leadership of this women’s retreat at MoRanch, posts filled with resources and quotes and pictures.

And what would a post on the theme of journey be without a link to a blog called Eternal Footsteps, in which Sally C reflects upon a new step in her call to ministry?

Where are you journeying these days, literally or metaphorically?  Add a link in the comments if you’d like to share your travels.


The Rev. Mary Robin Craig is a Presbyterian pastor in Independence OH, a spiritual director, and a contributor to There’s a Woman the Pulpit.  She blogs at

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Image: Somewhere in Utah.

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