How are you doing — mind, body, spirit?

What are you doing — in play, in work, in rest?

One more question: How are you doing what you’re doing? Are you resting only at the point of utter exhaustion? Are you sneaking work into your play (e.g. reading books about leadership & preaching on your day off)? Are you participating in social action with a bitter spirit, a hopeful spirit, a grieving spirit?

Around the RevGalBlogPals’ blogging ring, writers are pausing to reflect on how we are doing and to encourage how we might be:

+ At saint sinner seeker, Deb’s reflection — “Writing opens up new spaces within me that I didn’t realize were there” — offers the assurance of God’s confidence in us: “Do not be afraid. What is inside you waiting to be expressed is not petty, clumsy, or trite.  It is my fresh breath of life for you.”

+ Eternal Footsteps invites us to let the plates we’ve been juggling fall & break:
“your task is not
to keep the show on the road,
but to listen,
to follow, and to
discern the Spirit’s call….”

+ Write Out of Left Field remembers jumping off the high dive for the first time as a child, and calls us to live & do even when we are afraid: “Jesus is the one who can calm the storms and fill us with courage. Jesus won’t take away the fear so much as he will cheer us on and encourage us to jump into the deep end.”

+ Life in the Labyrinth appreciates our complexities and our depths with this poetry:
“I think our souls are like the ocean. …
Our depths have great mystery.
Hiding both beauty and menace.
The opportunity for both healing and harm.”

How is your spirit? What are you doing these days? And how are you doing all that you are doing?

If you have a life lesson or anecdote to share, add it to the comments! If you’ve blogged about it, share the link! If you’ve been holding onto a certain piece of wisdom to carry you through the days, offer it here so that others can be encouraged too!

Rachel G. Hackenberg‘s new book, Denial Is My Spiritual Practice (and Other Failures of Faith) with co-author Martha Spong, includes reflections on trauma and PTSD … as well as more humorous stories of church nurseries, memories of grandmothers, the ridiculous of labyrinths, and an abundance of caffeine.

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