SeasonsSummer and winter, and springtime and harvest,
Sun, moon and stars in their courses above,
Join with all nature in manifold witness
To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.
            (Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Thomas O. Chisholm)

The second verse of this familiar hymn calls our attention to the world God created for our sustenance and for our joy. Several of our bloggers have turned their attention to the created world in their blogs this week.

Joy Freeman contemplates a particular gift of creation, the tree, in Chaplainhood. “I understand now why the Robin and Cardinal choose your branches. Why the rabbit chooses the base of your trunk. To rest.”

Kimberly King observes a loon throughout a summer afternoon. In Consider the Lilies, she describes the loon as “a sentinel keeping watch over the break in the stone wall.  So peaceful, so constant…constant to a purpose beyond what I see or can understand from my perspective.”

One day on a walk, Charlene Hinckley says in her blog Musings for a Beautiful Day, she noticed an interesting-looking mushroom. After a short battle with her curiosity (“Don’t, I tell you don’t, google mushrooms and spirituality or you will enter a whole underworld of psychotropic mushrooms trips.”), she finds herself in awe of the lessons to be learned from this part of creation.

Michelle Franci-Donnay writes at Quantum Theology. This week, she notices her front lawn and remembers a recent tweet by President Trump. “If the president thinks my front lawn is a metaphor for how we should treat people at the border, that works for me.  I’m happy to provide a safe haven for those whose lives are in danger.”

In Speaking of Spirit, we discover a tender reflection on the tasks of everyday life that put us in touch with creation. “Birds chirped and tweeted around me. The bees were already busy visiting each blossom of lupine and nasturium.”

In Standing on the Side of Love, Marguerite Sheehan writes of stepping out into the night at the end of a day filled with record-breaking heat. God, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, is a good companion.”

These are just a few of more than 130 new posts this week by members of the RevGalBlogPals community. On our webpage, click the box labeled “Our Blogging Community” to connect to more than 300 blogs. And when you visit some of them, be sure to Like or leave a comment, so that they will know you’re reading their work.

Barbara Bruneau is a retired Lutheran pastor, living in southeastern Minnesota and currently serving in interim ministry. She is a knitter, a weaver, and a very occasional blogger at An Explosion of Texture and Color.

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