Precious Holy,

In the heat of midsummer where I live
it is warmer than we are used to (Scotland is not supposed to be hot)
and the summer season of silliness seems absent from our shores
instead, we have protests, and rallys;
we have fear and dread
we have a longing for action – but feel helpless
The world seems to be waiting with bated breath for the next terrible thing.

Oh Holy One!!
remind us that we are not without hope.
remind us that we do have voices, and free will, and a loving compassionate God.
Remind us, the promises stand:
when two or three gather, there God is.
Where love is, God is.
Where God is, love is.

As a new week begins:
whether still working
or taking holidays (or vacations)
or taking sabbath rest

where we gather, with friends or colleagues
with loved ones and the ones who fill our thoughts
there God is too.

Precious Holy – be with us today
at work and at rest
in the north and the south
over east and to the west
in summer heat or winter chill
be with us
hold us
inspire us
show us

God is Love and
Love is Love

Iona Beach JMR2017

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