It’s time for a weekly round-up from our blogging community! As a word junkie, typically I highlight words & phrases when I post the Friday Festival, but today it’s all about the numbers!

13. Michelle Henrichs observes that “unlucky” is really just 12+1, it’s really just about making room for one more. “We don’t limit who is at the table thinking there is a perfect number – or an unlucky one.”

1. Connie Tuttle writes that it takes only one phrase to write, rewrite, silence, erase history. “This is not a new thought.
Oppressed people
know who writes history
and it is not them.
It had never been so personal before.
If I were writing my history
this is the story I would tell:
Godde called me to ministry.”

2007. Leslie Scoopmire has been blogging prayers for 2007+ days, if I understand her numbers correctly. For day 2007, she prays (in part): “Loving One,
help us to never be a stumbling block for our neighbors,
but give us generous, loving hearts for all.”

90. Derek Maul is celebrating his father’s 90th birthday and observes, “I can’t grab just one memory but I can – hopefully – live my life as a faithful witness to what 90-years of solid decency, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and love looks like.”

20. Kristin Berkey-Abbott wonders if traditions that are being formed now will be questioned & dismantled in 20 years. Let’s be honest, I stopped to read this blogpost because if its pictures of a chocolate potluck. Chocolate. Potluck.

1 or 2. If you’re in the business of writing — especially but not only academic writing, although I’m also imagining some great adaptations related to sermon-writing — Michelle Francl-Donnay invites you to keep a little perspective & have a little humor by imagining your one or two reviewers/critics as a siege of herons, an ambush of tigers, or (my favorite) a wisdom of wombats.

If you have a numbers blogpost or if you’d like to tell a numbers story, add your link and/or story in the comments! Be sure to visit theses bloggers on their websites to say “hello” and “thanks for writing”!

Rachel G. Hackenberg‘s new book, Denial Is My Spiritual Practice (and Other Failures of Faith) with co-author Martha Spong, includes reflections on trauma and PTSD … as well as more humorous stories of church nurseries, memories of grandmothers, the ridiculous of labyrinths, and an abundance of caffeine.

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