This day, Holy One, help me to see life through the eyes of another–the child of small stature, the overweight man, the woman with the prosthetic leg, the boy whose skin color differs from mine. Help me see the challenges and the blessings that I take for granted or to which I cling too tightly, and broaden my vision.

This day, Holy One, help me to see love through the eyes of another–the parent of a pedophile, the spouse of an addict, the teacher of an autistic child, the rescuer of an abandoned animal. Help me to set aside judgment and expectations and open my heart to the beings divinely created that share this planet with me.

This day, Holy One, help to reach past the confines of my comfort to encounter new life in a world decorated richly by your handiwork. Grant me a word of comfort or praise to extend to another. Encourage me to offer a hand or an embrace to one I might typically resist. Lift me out of complacency and draw me toward the unfamiliar.

You await in all the places I have yet to see, and feel, and I wonder why I don’t rush to meet you. This day, Holy One, I accept your invitation to be.

Anne Fraley is rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in South Windsor, CT. A lifelong dog-lover, she escapes the demands of parish life volunteering with animal rescue groups. She occasionally succeeds at reviving her blog at reverent irreverence.

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