The front of the sanctuary set up as “Rock Ranch”…

This week I have been at Holiday Club (which we call Mayhem) every day. One of the catchphrases of the teens leading the up-front bit is “that reminds me of a story in the Bible!” which of course leads to someone stepping out of a time machine and explaining a story Jesus told. (Naturally.) In the afternoon I’ve been leading a Bible Study for the Mayhem team, talking about parables, and I think perhaps my own most common phrase has been “things happened….”

What phrases are inspiring you this week? What angle will you take? What hook is grabbing your attention?

All the snacks I have to share are from Mayhem…crisps to tuck into your sandwiches, fruit and cheese, and of course marshmallows for s’mores (what we’ll be doing Sunday night!). Pull up a chair and join us at the campfire, as we tell the old old story once again…

Teri Peterson is a minister in the Church of Scotland, in a congregation where the Holiday Club just finished an hour ago, after five days of mornings for kids, afternoons for adults, and evenings for teens. She spends her free time (of which this week had none) reading, petting the kitties, and amassing an ever larger collection of rain gear. And, of course, taking pictures of the view from her manse window!

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13 thoughts on “11th hour preacher party: Things happened…

  1. I’m on vacation, sort of, this week. Saturday I’ll begin a week as the chaplain at the Lutheran House in the Chautauqua Institution. I will be preaching on Sunday, and trying to follow the weekly theme, which is The Forgotten: History and Memory in the 21st Century. I’m using Romans 6:3-5 as my main text (we have been baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection). I’m going to talk about our baptism as the thing that shapes our story as both gift (Psalm 139:7-12, God always with us) and call (Matthew 22:34-40, the Greatest Commandment).

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  2. off lectionary for a few more weeks, then back to the NL. this week is 1John 1, God is light.
    I have chico’s to share – chocolate flavoured jelly babies.


  3. calling it done here is the sermon on 1 John 1.
    here in New South Wales, and in other parts of Australia, there is a terrible drought. Tomorrow we will watch a video put out by the Synod and pray for those effected by the drought.

    tomorrow afternoon going to a friend’s induction, and staying overnight in Sydney to do some shopping.

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  4. This morning the Mayhem team finalised our plans for Sunday, and I’m pleased to report that these plans won’t require a full sermon from me. Hooray! (Lol) I think I am going to draw on a few pieces of a sustainable sermon to lead into a baptism, but the team and a few willing elders are going to help make the service truly all-age friendly…the cowboys will be back, reflecting on one last parable relayed by someone coming through a time machine—this time Luke, who will be interrupted in his research on his forthcoming bestseller, to tell us the story of the prodigal. One of the ranchhands will tell a campfire story. Then I just have to manage a few minutes of transition. 🙂 phew!

    That means that I’m going to spend part of my afternoon/evening at a local car treasure hunt and quiz dinner! So fun. I’ll be sure to bring extra snacks and random local knowledge to share when I return! In the meantime…write like the wknd, friends! (Or as they say on the ranch, “burn the breeze!” (aka, go fast!))

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  5. Going with Ephesians this week but can’t seem to get anything coherent written. This afternoon we have a wedding, and I’ll be at the reception long enough for dinner, at least, so I’d better get a draft finished soon! Any ideas on Ephesians? My usual inspiration places aren’t helping much this week.

    I’ve got lots of zucchini and carrots to share from the garden – enjoy 🙂


  6. Last week I preached Ephesians on the Body of Christ, so tomorrow, assuming the weather holds, we are having a café service outside in our courtyard to enact the body of Christ by sharing how people in the church, here and beyond, have affected our lives. (This week’s passage is about being kind and speaking truth in love, among other things.)

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  7. it’s another Saturday night, and I ain’t got a kids moment. I am clueless, I hope I’ll still get paid. How I wish I had someone to do it, I’m in an awful way.
    I usually use Carolyn Brown’s stuff, which is VERY helpful, or Dollar Store, but really, everything seems so lame. Kids range from street smart 7th graders to a toddler, up to 12 come up each week.
    Preaching on Ephesians and anger – I love how Paul says, “go ahead and get angry” – I wish I knew this was in the Bible when I was a young kid and thought anger was BAD. Canoeist, I’m happy to share what I have. I wish I didn’t decide to preach Ephesians for five weeks running…when the theme is the theme is the theme.
    Any suggestions on how to keep those children’s moments fresh and new and imaginative and EVERY WEEK?
    Blessings to all, the HS has your back.

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    1. Thanks, Dianne – I’m on a roll now, I think I’ll be able to finish before it gets too late!

      For the kids moment, I’m talking about how meals mark special times, and sustain us for a long time in between all those special times – like the meal from God sustained Elijah in the wilderness. It helps that this week I had both a wedding and a funeral, and celebrated my mom’s birthday, so I’ve got some recent concrete examples to share. But, the concept might work, if you’ve got the 1 Kings lesson 🙂


        1. Those all sound great and encouraging to me-thank you all so much. So I am supply preaching tomorrow morning at my friend’s church in Ooletewah, Tennesseee, and the Lord gave me Thessalonians 5:11, “encourage one another” and a great example from the song “Greater” by Mercy Me on Tuesday; but I needed more, so God gave me “be a social influencer,” on Wednesday. So I am rolling it around and grabbing commentaries and my great big book on Paul, and tonight am googling “who are social influencers,” and see the pictures, and- lo and behold, discern that God wants me to preach on Grumpy Cat. The Lord has an awesome sense of humor! He says they love me there, and so I hope they do!

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          1. BTW, I do the Rev. Mrs. thing so that people will know that I’m a female Lee, if they ask me to preach. I got into a lot of fusses about my name when I was a kid. Got to get this written down-praying for you all.

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