Autumn is coming…

I’m not entirely clear how this happened, but….it’s September.

For our sisters in North America, that means Labour Day weekend, and fall kick-offs, and a return to the program year.

For our friends Down Under, it hopefully means a turn toward summer! And also Father’s Day, which can be a fraught time for some.

For those of us in the UK, it means bank holidays and strongly considering turning the heating on. 😉

For all of us, though, it means that Sunday’s coming. Whether you’re following a lectionary (RCL conversation is here!) or finishing a series or pondering world events (there are certainly plenty of them to go around), pull up a chair and grab a snack and join the writing party! Or, for some of us, the procrastination party! Feel free to share your half-baked ideas, your full sermons, your seeds in need of some nurturing…and also your best procrastination techniques. Because for those of us who have a holiday weekend ahead, it can be hard to find the motivation to work when everyone is off playing in the sun, so we can use some new angles on the procrastination fun!

I have a delightful Halloumi Curry to share, as I made it Friday night (using nearly every pan in the kitchen to do so) so it’ll be more delicious as the day goes on. And raspberry magnum bars, to make it feel like it’s still summer. And my procrastination technique of the day will be…..washing dishes! Lol!! I am on the last week of 14 weeks of people’s favourite hymns, and we have communion, so I need everything to be relatively short…which means more time to find creative ways to procrastinate, right?

What are you working on this week? And how are you avoiding it? 😉 All are welcome at the Preacher Party!


Teri Peterson is a minister in the Church of Scotland, in a place where today it was freezing inside but delightfully warm and sunny outside, for a change. She spends her free time reading, petting the kitties, and amassing an ever larger collection of rain gear. And, of course, taking pictures of the #ViewFromMyWindow because the manse (and the people, and the town) is the best ever.

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11 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: somehow September

  1. I’m working on a combo of James and Mark. One of my illustrations has to do with people feeling free to come as they are to church without people judging them for what they are wearing. Facebook is my procrastination tool and my feed is throwing so much shade at Ariana Grande for what she wore to Aretha’s celebration. #nothingoutsidecandefile . Most of my afternoon has been spent trying to make a new blog (gotta add the Rev. Gals somewhere) but it’s really frustrating trying to make it look the way I want it to. Some garden fresh tomatoes are taking the edge off. Let me slice one up for you with a little salt and pepper. sermon draft in dropbox until I can get the blog to work: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a7mc4z866e7dtt7/what%20offends%20you%20may%20not%20be%20offensive%20to%20god.docx?dl=0


    1. Melissa … thanks for the trigger … I flashed back to a time when visiting family in CA … My mom asked me to go with her to a funeral … all I had was my jeans … could I? should I? … and then I had to wonder … how often do I judge others … and in the judgement love and acceptance is blocked. Welcoming heart of the other is blocked by my judgement.

      I’ve been struggling most of the day … primarily because I just got back from 11 days of vacation and I really should have taken this Sunday off …. Thought I was set with Mark … then did my normal a bit of everything … And throughout the day watched a bit of John McCain’s funeral at the Washington National Cathedral. … so wondering how something could be pulled from there … Still not sure that will be referenced … but it is swirling in my brain. Then you mentioned what one wears …

      So now off to a quick dinner with others … then home to finalize


  2. I’m up! The kitchen is more of a disaster than I remembered last night! Now I can’t decide if it would be better to procrastinate on working by dealing with the kitchen, or perhaps the other way around!! First order of business is obviously to have a cuppa.

    How’s it going for you, friends?


  3. Saturday evening here already. a long day yesterday and a workshop all day today. Tomorrow we are using resources from Frontier Services, an agency of the Uniting Church that has Ministers in isolated areas of Australia. some travel by light plane, some 4 wheel drive. i have a four minute video on one of these patrol Ministers [RevGal Rowena Harris] and Communion, so a short sermon will be fine. i am using Genesis 2 as the Bible reading, and thinking about the need for people to be in community – which is part of what patrol ministers offer.
    next week we start back on the NL, so Genesis fits with that as well, as the NL starts with Noah this year.
    fresh tomatoes – YUM!!! – one fo the joys of summer i am looking forward to.

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  4. I procrastinated by being a lock-in chaperone, which would have been soooo much fun if it had been from 9am – 9pm instead of the reverse. I also procrastinated by reading the last Harry Potter book.

    I’m on James. I’m still trying to figure it out, but since I was just reading Harry Potter, I thought of using the Mirror of Erised as an example–the mirror that, when you look in it, shows your deepest desire. So James talks about how sometimes we look at the mirror of God’s word and remember it and act on it, and sometimes we look in the mirror and then immediately forget what we saw (and of course, sometimes we just don’t bother looking in the mirror at all.) But sometimes, we look in the mirror of God’s word and all we see is our own desires, which make it really hard for us to see what God’s trying to show us. That’s not the main point of the sermon, but right now it’s the clearest part!

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  5. Hello preacher friends, It’s Saturday afternoon here in Cleveland OH, and hot and humid again after a couple of days’ respite. Summer lasts later and later, and school starts earlier and earlier, and it doesn’t make much sense!
    I am typing at my new stand up convertible laptop holder, since I have done something pretty painful to my shoulder from my poor posture and sitting (thank goodness for physical therapy). Standing up makes me sleepy though, but taking a nap with the Blue Angels overhead (this weekend is the annual Air Show) and the lawn care service next door isn’t working.
    I really didn’t feel much like writing this week. Had a funeral, and have also been writing some raw essays on my feelings around my divorce which is 9 years on and still not done. But I like what Mark had to say, and came up with “Check Your Heart” after too many Jon Crist videos – just your basic why do we do what we do sermon. Hopefully it will work. In any case, I’m off to dinner with a young clergywoman, telling her about the Order of St. Luke, and enjoying my evening! Blessings to all of you, wherever in the world you are!

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