Mindfulness is not my strong suit. Not even close.

06549-flowers1But in these rage-filled days … rage-filled months, rage-filled years, and — let’s be honest — rage-filled generations, because when in all of history has evil not pounded against the well-being of those it strives to oppress and derived its very life from the breath of those it wars against? … in these rage-filled days, I appreciate the gifts of those who cultivate attentiveness to the everyday, to simple beauty, to the Divine.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, our blogging network extends an invitation to mindfulness of body, mind, and spirit:

+ Joy of Chaplainhood invites us to pause over something as simple as a pothole in the pavement: “What does [it] look like to you? How does that reflect what you are in need of today?”

+ From Martha’s Kitchen, a reminder to step outside and to breathe a prayer into the nighttime air: “God bless the moon and God bless me. God bless the ones I love. And all in the shadow of this moon — God bless all.”

+ Just Katherine observes with awe the possibility of connecting without technology occasionally: “Yesterday I didn’t look at my phone, didn’t even want to look at my phone–but I was definitely connected.”

+ As you consider your connections and perhaps make choices about disconnecting & letting go in some areas, Diana of Just Wondering encourages, “YOU are designed in the image of a loving, creative, hard-working, knows-when-to-call-it-a-day, merciful, justice-seeking, lovely, kind and joyful GOD. … Don’t ever let go of that.”

+ And from Sue of Unfolding comes the invitation to be mindful without lists and without an agenda: “be present to what is bubbling up within … [and] around [you]: the birdsong at dawn, the sun’s warmth, the freshness of the air and the simple things of life that so often go unattended.”

How are you minding your breath today? Your body? Your joy? How are you attending to beauty in the world, in relationship, and in spirit?

Share your observations, encouragements, and links in the comments!

Rachel G. Hackenberg‘s book with co-author Martha Spong, Denial Is My Spiritual Practice (and Other Failures of Faith), includes memories of church nurseries and grandmothers, opinions about labyrinths and weddings, and an abundance of caffeine, as Martha and Rachel strive to make sense of faith through the trials & failures of life.

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One thought on “Friday Festival: Mindfulness

  1. Last evening, after experiencing the gentle spirit of a woman who quietly told her story of danger and hurtfulness and then to see the seething anger erupt from the alleged attacker. I decided to help my emotional mind to my mindfulness go-to. Dot-to-dot of animals, it helps me to just lose myself in the numbers and see the beauty of nature leap forth. Quiet music soothes my ears as I progress in the images. It helps to keep me content.

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